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  • Eos Light Rose Lampshade


    Inspired by the colour of cherry blossoms and flamingos, the iconic feather lamp in light rose is available in two new sizes: mini and large. In January UMAGE launched the Eos medium in light rose and it became an instant hit, so now it’s being launched in two new sizes. The Eos in light rose adds a soothing allure and cute charm to any interior. The Eos two new sizes expands the use of the light rose Eos lampshade and can be mixed and matched with different sizes and colours from the Eos lampshade family to obtain creative and decorative clusters.PRODUCT FACTS

    Name Eos™ mini, Eos™ medium, Eos™ large, lampshade

    Designer Søren Ravn Christensen

    Material Goose feathers

    Size Mini Ø: 35 cm x H: 20 cm

    Size Medium Ø: 45 cm x H: 30 cm

    Size Large Ø: 65 cm x H: 40 cm

    Colours White, Light grey, Light brown, Red, Light blue, Light rose