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  • Silvia Lamp Shade


    The UMAGE classic is getting an update with new colours, textures and packaging. The Silvia™, with its characteristic organic triangular leaves, is a modern lampshade that decorates every home, and now it’s available in three new colours – black, brushed bronze and grey. The shape is inspired by the life of the forest, hence the name Silvia™ which is a latin word for just that. The lampshade is the earliest design in our collection and has always been an eye-catching item among all generations, from people moving into their first apartment to the settled couple looking to spice up the interior. 


    Name Silvia™ medium, Silvia™ mini

    Designer UMAGE Design Team, 2020

    Material Polypropylene

    Size Medium Ø: 50 cm x H: 41 cm

    Size Mini Ø: 32 cm x H: 24.5 cm