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  • Shade Felt


    To get the perfect light, you need the perfect shade. The VITA Shade is meant to do just that!

    This design piece combines aesthetics with functionality and ensures a simple, useful accessory for the lightbulb. Used on a pendant bulb or tripod, the VITA Shade will help you adjust the direction and amount of light, while shielding any unwanted glare. All you have to do is fine-tune the position of the VITA Shade on the lightbulb, and you will put everything else in the shade. 

    Hint: The VITA Shade is sold separately. We recommend to pair it with the VITA Idea 2W 125 mm lightbulb, or with a min. 10 cm lightbulb.

    Product Code:  UMAGE 2107

    Dimensions: Diameter 33cms