Scandinavian style and quality lighting your world
  • Eos Shade Medium White


    Eos draws its force and mesmerizing beauty from the earth tones of the Nordic landscape. Made from all natural goose feathers, these unique lampshades give a soft, warm light and add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior décor.

    Eos is available in four different colours – white, light brown, light grey and light rose (medium size only). A neutral and harmonious colour palette that creates a warm and welcoming vibe – this is the quintessence of the Eos family! 

    Product Code: UMAGE 2010

    Ø 45 x 30 cm

     Pendant, floor & table lamp

    Goose feathers, paper and steel 
    Approx 1800 feathers 

    Easily cleaned with hair dryer