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  • Eos Esther Large Lampshade Goose Feather White

    Eos Esther is an elegant and slim cloud hanging from the ceiling, that can be rotated and hung from four different angles, extend- ing the exibility and visual effect of the lampshade. The oval shape of Eos Esther makes it an elegant solution for the dining table.

    The name Eos originates from Greek mythology, the goddess of the dawn, referencing how the lampshade looks like clouds in the sky and the two new shapes are no different. named after the two daughters of the designer. The shapes Evia and Esther are opening new expressions and possibilities together with the existing Eos collection.

    Product Code: UMAGE 2348

    Easily cleaned with hairdryer

    Dimensions: H: 20 cm / 8” W: 75 cm / 29.5” D: 49 cm / 19”

    Material: Goose feathers

    Light Source: E26 / E27 - max 15W LED (not included)