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  • Convenience Bench - Oak/Dark Oak



    Convenience is a multifunctional bench with a built-in shelf that gives you all sorts of seating and storage options. Light but robust, the Convenience shelf-seater is an ideal accompaniment to urban living. Its clever design makes the most out of the space available and is particularly useful in an apartment or town house.

    Made in solid wood, with brass and leather details, Convenience has a minimal and clean design which adds a touch of Nordic simplicity to the interior. Stable and secure, Convenience is designed so that multiple benches can easily be stacked on top of each enabling lots of shelving for storage while at the same time ensuring that extra seating is always available when guests arrive.

    Placing one bench on top of another one creates an extra shelf with just enough space for storing a laptop or a small tray with papers. A clever removable strap is attachable to the wall to ensure secure stacking. The convenient and stylish brass bar around the lower shelf of Convenience means you can leave your things safely inside even when you move it around to be used as seating.

    The Convenience shelf-seater is ideal in the hallway as a traditional bench.

    Shoes, gloves and bags can be placed on the shelf and the seat is just the spot for putting your shoes on. Convenience is also attractive enough to make a great side table for your coffee, book and other objects you need to keep ready at hand next to your sofa or armchair. Place your books and magazines on the shelf underneath it. Use it as a bedside table for placing your alarm clock or a small table lamp.

    Soren Ravn Christensen, Designer: “I really like the exibility of Convenience. Bench, shelf, side table in multiple combinations, it’s very neat. It’s got a lovely simple design but is a cleverly thought out solution to today’s space restricted needs. If you have friends over and you don’t want to have chairs everywhere you just take it down from the shelf and you can sit on it and then put it back up there afterwards. You can put two on top of each other, which is also great if you need shelves but don’t have a lot of room. It has everything. If someone comes over then you just lift it up by the handle, pull it down and sit on it. You don’t have to take the things out of it because the bar all around keeps them safely in place. You can even place two or three benches nicely next to each other if you have the room.”

    Name Designer Material Size Colours

    Convenience bench
    Soren Ravn Christensen, 2018
    Solid oak, leather (artificial), steel (plated brass) 

    H: 45 x W: 60 x D: 38 cm