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  • Chimes Oak Cluster 3 Oak


    A simple piece of solid oak infused with a warm LED spotlight brings the Nordic tones of nature into the interior. Chimes is inspired by the graceful lines that occur in a dense forest of trees growing closely together.

    Designed with the thinnest possible shape in mind, the lamp has a spotlight effect that shines light exactly where you need it. Create new areas and cosy spaces with focused light by using one, two or even clusters and lines of Chimes.

    Product Code: UMAGE 2230

    Designer: Magnus Nero & Ingemar Jönsson, 2019

    Material: Oak and Metal canopy LED spot built-in, 3 m cord black cord

    Size: Ø: 3.4 cm / 1.3” x H: 22 cm / 8.7”

    Colours: Black, Oak, Dark oak